Friday, April 6, 2007

Vegetarian Menu For Easter Dinner

With Easter coming in a couple of days my mind has been on menu planning. Holiday meals always seem to be a big issue for vegetarians and vegans. It seems that so many traditional holiday meals are centered around meat...turkey, ham, etc.. Not to mention giblet gravies, or mashed potatoes made with chicken broth, or whatever!!! I know that my first few holidays after making the switch to a vegetarian diet were challenging to say the least. Over the last few years I have developed some new family favorites that we are building new family traditions with. Some of our holiday musts are Easy Candied Yams (minus the marshmallows of course), Brown Sugar Baked Squash, mashed potatoes with vegetarian Brown Gravy with Mushrooms, my favorite Potato, Leek & Spinach Deep Dish Casserole Pie, and my Classic Cheesecake. To this I always add some nice bread, a simple vegetable side dish, and maybe a pumpkin pie. I also try to find a new vegetarian entree to try each holiday. Last Easter I made a potato & leek was amazing...but I haven't found the time to type up the recipe yet. So, that's what we will be eating on Sunday. Of course we will also make some starters and snacks to have around the house while we wait for dinner to cook. I usually like to make crudites (assorted raw veggies) with some sort of dip, and a cheese and cracker platter. I like to keep the starters simple so everyone still has room for dinner.

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